5th International XT500 Meeting 2018

Didier and Stac found this very nice camping in La Puebla de Roda (Isabena):

Ctra. Graus a Viella, km 27, 22482 La Puebla de Roda, Huesca, España


Day1 - 01.08.2018 - We
For offroad navigation Didier sent us some tracks of the area and we bought the book MDMOT RODA ISABENA.
On day 1 we drove route 06 and 07 from the book, what is similar in the first part to Didiers tracks "endless".

Route 06 Team Day1 - four nations Route 07 - Firewatchout
Severins shift lever turned lose
Luc and Edwin Café Severins shift lever went loose
110 km track 5th International XT500 Meeting 2018

Day2 - 02.08.2018 - Thur
On day 2 we started on Didiers track "endless" in western direction and turned left on Route 17 from the book.
We hit Didiers track "dry/no dry" and reached the planned picnic point.
North of graus we took the road to Morillo de Lie and turned right on Route 05 or Didiers track "no risk".

Peer hit the ground
planned picnic
Peer just deformed his XT Clemens (D) Castle at the planned picnic place
start of Route 05 in the west it was rough Edwin
Route 05 in the west taking a rest on the rough track Edwin (NL)
92 km tracks day2 5th International XT500 Meeting 2018

Day3 - 03.08.2018 - Fri
The first day with my son Robin on his XT125. We started with the easy track to Cajigar and down to Sapeira.
We took a rest in a café and drove Route 37 from the book. Very nice views and a path to a top of a mountain.
Going down into the next valley was like arriving in the Toscana (Italy).
Again we stopped in a café in Tremp and took the road north to drive half of Route 09.
Team Day03
nice views
Team day3 - again four nations Robin is doing well very nice views
on the top Chantal
short rest to take pictures on the top Chantal
142 km track day3 19:37h - Aljoscha

Day4 - 04.08.2018 - Sat
Due to the heat during the day, Stac decided not to take the planned picnic spot and found anotherone
at a hight of 1.300m and with some shady trees: Alto de Bonansa
And due to Aljoschas accident on Friday evening we did not take a long ride with all the XTs,
but we drove slowly and quietly directly to that new picnic spot.
Stac ordered picnic at the camping and so we all rested 2 to 3 hours there. We were about 106 XT500.
Afterwards everybody did as they liked. We went in a small team for a little tour: Didiers track "so pretty" (Book 10).
Alto de Bonansa XT500 picnic XT500 picnic
Robins rear break blocks Edwins XT rocky mountains
short rest to cool down Robins break Edwins XT 2.000m
126 km track day4 5th International XT500 Meeting 2018

Day5 - 05.08.2018 - Sun
That day we combined two routes of the book: 08 and 19.
It was a long ride, but worth it.

Johny (B) nice gorge beautiful views
dirt track
electrical problems
we met Mac and his team what a nice dirt track Eddy had some electrical problems
266 km track 5th International XT500 Meeting 2018

Day6 - 06.08.2018 - Mon
That day we started with Route 36 right next to the camping - man that was rough. On the top we met a ranger.
He told us not to leave the track and not to driver faster than 30kmh. Very funny!
On those rocks we were driving maybe 10kmh.
 We hit Route 05 and took the main road to Graus. North of Graus we turned left and climbed the mountain range.
Its Route 12 or part of Didiers "buddha track".

after we met the Förster
Roda de Isabena
Roda de Isabena XT500
we just met the police of the forest Coke in Roda de Isabena Roda de Isabena
Ruin cow wall
ruin in the wilderness the boss like in fairy tales
top of the hill
taking a rest on top of the hill
XT500 Team Day06
Cafe Coca Cola
Team Day 06 Café in Graus Coca Cola for all
140 km map 5th International XT500 Meeting 2018

Day7 - 07.08.2018 - Tue
Well, on the 7th day we broke the rules: do not drive in groups larger than five ...
We took Didiers track "around the lake" and we had lots of fun!
My boys took a swim in the lake next to that bridge.

XT500 on day07
Team Day07
first rest day7 Team day 7 track "arround the lake"
mal estado
dam dam
well, it worked for us what a dam wow
Cafe high rest
Café again nice views last rest day7
186 km map 5th International XT500 Meeting 2018

Day8 - 08.08.2018 - Wed
It was planned as a family day, but Robin was hiking with some spanish friends.
So Sandra, Lasse and me did a nice tour in our own. Sorry - no pics that day!
home base map Sandras XT500
home base track day8 Sandras XT

And here are all our tracks together: klick

Thank you very much Stac, your family and your friends for organisation.
Thank you very much Didier, for the nice tracks on GPS.
Thank you very much Anna, for taking us on your camping.

Isabena - I'll be back!


Written by XTom, 31.08.2018